When I was a teenager I dreamt of having a dog. And there was no difference to me what kind and breed of dog to have,whether a bitch or a dog , with a famous pedigree or without it. I wanted to have a four-leg fluffy friend. I hesitated what breed to choose whether to have a spaniel or poodle. At that moment our friend had a collie . When I saw it I was fascinated.

I was charmed by its cleverness , mild and intellectual character, beauty and harmony that dog possessed. Collies are mild and at the same time full of life, both modest and cunning, the can defend themselves and the can be tender to those who they love and devoted to .All that made me choose a collie. At last when I was 14 my parents presented me with a nice present. It was " a little blue ball" It was a blue-merle collie Meabel Blue Neas. We grew together, my Meable took part in dogs' shows. I got interested in breeding. I attended special courses in breeding dogs, learned collies standards and so on. Meabel was my first collie and I do remember the moment it appeared in my life and will remember it for ever. Then I had other dogs and bitches and I loved them all , they won prizes. There appeared nice puppies , there was much joy and delight.. But life is not only victories and prizes. The main thing is kindness, love and devotion existing between me and my dogs .

1989 г.

Meabel Blue Neas

1991 г.

Luky Star Astral Accent

Jerry Gold Hanacka Perla

Atlen Healent Black Angelica

1992 г.

Ita Black of Atlen Healent

1993 г.


 Atlen Healent Delicious Dessert

Atlen Healent Golden Embodiment


1994 г.

 Atlen Healent History Love

Atlen Healent Honey Moon


1995 г.

Atlen Healent Justify My Love

Atlen Healent Black Joyful


1997 г.


Atlen Healent Miss Dance Queen

Atlen Healent Golden Lightning